Carney's Hot Dogs - LA,CA

2010/08/03 04:24:41
Just saw this place on Food Network's "Unwrapped". Don't know anything about it but their dogs sure looked good! Their slogan boasts having "The Best Hot Dogs and Hamburgers in the World!". If so, why is there not much "Pub" on here about them. Apparently they have 2 locations; Sunset Blvd & Ventura Blvd. Supposed to be better than Pinks and others. Apparently have won a number of awards like "Top Dog Best Wiener in LA"  Hey LA people, tell us about this place
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Re:Carney's Hot Dogs - LA,CA 2010/08/04 13:11:39

Supposed to be better than Pinks...

That's not exactly a ringing endorsement...

I've never been there, but I believe Marlene has.
John Fox
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Re:Carney's Hot Dogs - LA,CA 2010/08/04 19:17:48
I've never been to California, but in reading various opinions posted here and elsewhere, 2 names come up for outstanding hot dogs. Carney's and Top Dog. Someone who I know personally that owns a hot dog restaurant in Pittsburgh (and whose opinion I value) told me Top Dog is the best out of all he's sampled. They use a beef dog that is similar to Boars Head.
Re:Carney's Hot Dogs - LA,CA 2010/08/04 22:07:07
Carney's does indeed serve a great dog.

I nonchalantly asked the cashier what kind of dog they use and her answer was all beef.  I didn't go further with my questioning.

Their hot dogs have a snap, they're firm and nicely spiced.  Tasty!

I used to eat there once a week.  Now it's once or twice a month.

I've put on 20 pounds!