pork tenderloin in Spokane Wa

Junior Burger
2010/08/04 14:34:48
Hello...i am new to this forum, and so it has been great. i am from the Kansas City Area but now live in Spokane Wa. and i just got back home a few days ago, and i only get back that way every couple years...and i sure miss a great pork tenderloin sandwich.
Is there any one on this forum from Spokane that knows of a place that serves a pork tenderloin??? any where from Deer Park to CDa or any where in between. any help please let me know.
i have tryed to make my own but so far no luck...Thanks   Rick    "wizzarduss"
Re:pork tenderloin in Spokane Wa 2010/08/04 15:12:42
Highly doubtful you will find a breaded pork tenderloin sandwich in Spokane. They get harder and harder to find the farther away you get from Indiana, Illinois and Iowa. If they exist they could be disguised under another name like a pork chop sandwich or schnitzel sandwich. You best bet is a German restaurant that might convert a schnitzel into a sandwich.

They are not difficult to make. Maybe this will help.

How to make a deep-fried breaded pork tenderloin sandwich
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:pork tenderloin in Spokane Wa 2010/08/22 15:06:35
Next time you go West, stop in Ellensburg, I have one on the menu.

Junior Burger
Re:pork tenderloin in Spokane Wa 2010/08/27 00:09:59
Hey...you know, its almost worth the 3 hour drive for one of these. we do go over to the coast a few times a year, and to leavenworth also...what is the name of your place i would love to stop in for a great tenderlion. thankes for giving me this.   Rick