Anchor Inn, Ocean Gate, NJ

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2010/08/07 16:18:11
I had read about this place at least 5 or 6 years ago, but never got around to getting there until July 18, after a daytrip to Double Trouble State Park here in NJ. I had read that their Steak Delmonico was the bomb, etc., but after looking around and seeing what people were ordering, we ended up getting a large pizza. They do have bar pies, but we got a regular 16" pizza, half mushroom and half plain. We're both so glad we did, because this is some of the best pizza in recent memory. Here's a few shots from our visit. Sorry for the watermark on some of the photos, but I've had some images stolen in the past from my flickr page, and creating a watermark helps. It's also good for the ego.   

We liked their indoor neon sign.

They did not have a salad bar, but they did have a nice little salad cart.  

Our pizza was a 16" half-mushroom and half-plain. It was really delicious. 

Sorry for the glare. I always prefer to sit by the window, but unfortunately this came out like this. And it looks oily, but most certainly was not.  

I had a beer, and Brian had an iced tea. So for the beer, iced tea, two salads from the salad cart, and this pizza, the bill came to $16.00. And this is the Jersey shore (though not a popular or crowded beach town at all). You can't beat that!
Their menu has great items on it. People were ordering mussels and other seafood. If you enter in the restaurant portion (red door on the left), you can't even see the bar (not that I'd care).
Everyone who worked there seemed like they liked their job. Our server was a sweet girl who made no mistakes and deserved every penny of the tip. You don't always get that during the summer at the Jersey shore, believe me.
This place is south of Toms River and Seaside Heights. I highly, highly recommend it.
Anchor Inn
400 Ocean Gate Ave.
Ocean Gate, NJ  08740
(732) 269-3510
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Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Anchor Inn, Ocean Gate, NJ 2010/08/07 22:23:37
Hi Harriet! Thanks for this review, looks like my kind of place (Old bar, good food, good pizza, what's not to like, as my Mom used to say).

It's now on my list, might be our dinner stop on our annual trip to Forsythe Wildlife Refuge in November. 

PS: How was Double Trouble SP? I see from the website that they have a few interesting trails.

Good to see you posting, hope you're doing well.