Chip's Hamburgers - Merrill WI

2010/08/15 14:30:05
On the way home from our vacation I stopped at Chip's Hamburgers in Merrill, WI.  Kathy and the kids didn't return my call until they had already passed the exit (we take separate cars) so I was on my own for a quick lunch.

Chip's has been around since the 1930s and claims to be one of "Merrill's seven wonders"; while I have no idea what the other six are they're probably on the Interwebs somewhere.  I don't have a shot of the interior but the design features the classic walk-up stainless steel counter with the semi-open kitchen in the back.

$3.78 later I was the proud owner of a bacon double cheeseburger, a small order of fries, and a medium soda.  The fries appeared to be typical frozen food service crinkle-cuts but they were fresh out of the fryer and hot, crisp, and salty, just how I like them.  The burgers are griddled and maybe it was because I hadn't eaten anything yet that day, but it was one of the best fast food burgers I've had in a long time.  The beef was tasty and even though the patties were thin they weren't at all dry, the bacon was reasonably crisp, and the American cheese was nicely melted.

Chip's is about 5 minutes or so west of US-51 and IMO it's worth the slight detour; the only regret I had was bypassing the Relay for Life brat fry fundraiser along the way!

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Re:Chip's Hamburgers - Merrill WI 2010/08/21 08:03:39
$3.78?  Wow.  I can't think of a single independent american hamburger stand less than an hour and half drive from my house, and if there were one, the price would be double that.
Re:Chip's Hamburgers - Merrill WI 2010/08/21 09:21:33
Brad, the family and I stop to eat there every chance we get when we are headed south on US-51 to Wausau or beyond. Which is just about always since to get anywhere from Rhinelander you have to jump on 51!

By the way Brad...I pickde up about a half dozen different brats the other day at the Lake Tomahawk Meat Market. I'll make a post with with pics on it later!
Re:Chip's Hamburgers - Merrill WI 2010/08/21 11:19:33
We have a couple Chip's hamburger places in Dallas. Also very good and, old fashioned greasy. One located in an old "International House of Pancakes". 
I'm curious now if they're the same folks.
Re:Chip's Hamburgers - Merrill WI 2010/08/21 15:20:56

We have a couple Chip's hamburger places in Dallas. Also very good and, old fashioned greasy. One located in an old "International House of Pancakes". 
I'm curious now if they're the same folks.

Hey Twin,
They do not appear to be related.
Nice stuff Brad!  Tell me, why exactly won't your family ride in the same car with you?
Re:Chip's Hamburgers - Merrill WI 2010/08/23 10:09:35
So there are apparently at least 3 Chip's in Wisconsin...guess it's kind of a mini-chain, then.  Unfortunately there's no website to explain the relationship and history of the different locations so maybe I'll email our Wausau branch and ask if anybody can shed some light.

The rest of the family is not allowed to ride with me.

Actually, since we vacation only a little over 300 miles from home it's somewhat practical, especially since it allows me to frequent golf courses and bars without leaving everybody else car-less.  Years ago we used to rent a cartop carrier until 1 year I realized that cost-wise it was about the same as fuel costs for a 2nd vehicle, and we've been doing it that way ever since.

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Re:Chip's Hamburgers - Merrill WI 2010/08/31 21:47:47
Havent seen or heard of Chips in years....used to have one in Manitowoc Wi....  loved there burgers back when they where 7 for $1.00.   Heading up Merrill way next week just might have to check out Chips.