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2010/08/17 13:23:08
A MUST for Roadfoodies - Tradewinds Cafe at 697 Portland  Rd (Route 1) in Arundel, Maine... just north of Kennebunk next to Champion auto Sales... 'Mary and Hoss'  (Deena Eskew and Brian Coddins) cookin up some of the best Roadfood in Maine....Try the 'Double Dragon'... Cheesesteak and Salami... or the chiliburger... or all things burger!!
Excerpted From, 6/3/10, By Kristin Fuhrmann-Simmons:
Their menu is packed with homemade fare, from slaw dogs to double and triple cheeseburgers, as well as a fried lobster roll and juicy fresh haddock sandwich.
The pair adds touches that put them in the culinary know-how: fresh house-made tartar sauce, slaw, hand-ground burger meat, and hearty chili.
The Tradewinds Café is now open for its third season and has attracted the like of other food-show followers. Hoss and Mary will make anything you want and have a "menu inside the menu" posted on the wall. They make a Double Dragon, which is a freshly grilled mix of cheese steak and hot pastrami, and the Power Z, a breakfast sandwich topped with chicken fingers. They even have their own contest: a local known as the "Manimal" has downed an eight-patty burger after finishing two slaw dogs.
I tried the chiliburger, two freshly ground patties topped with melted cheese and homemade chili, served alongside a cup of house slaw. It was a TV dream made manifest, and I was in road food heaven.
Open for breakfast, lunch and early dinners, say hi to Hoss and Mary this summer.

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Great post! It's very nice. Thank you so much for your post.

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Re:Tradewinds Cafe 2010/08/31 16:35:16
Tradewinds is way too expensive for my taste but the food is pretty good though. conundrum