sad tale from salinas-roadfood nirvana

Double Cheeseburger
2010/08/20 12:57:31
Am back from trip to Salinas, and though I sadly  did not make it to the bbq place suggested by mayor al, I did have some interesting food adventures.
One night went to place in old town Salinas called the Fish House - its in an old bank , very atmospheric & had an excellent , fresh, well prepared calamari steak.It was just dusted with flour, served in lemon caper sauce, but oh so fresh.
 Now the next morning is where things really get interesting. Just outside the Steinbeck Center Musuem( great place for all Steinbeck fans),I saw what looked like a little place called Sangs Cafe- what drew me to it was a sign that said John Steinbeck ate here. I went in and thought I stepped back in time - a horsehoe shaped counter with stools and large dining area full of folks happily  muching on their breakfasts.
 The food was fantastic beyond any expectation- I had two eggs, the most lucsious homemade corn beef hash, and the aboslute hands down  best has browns I have ever had, and let me tell you I have scarfed down more than my share of hash browns in 50 plus years. These were perfectly crisp and browned .well seasoned, about a good half inch thick , moist on the inside - I am still raving about them! The portions of the corned beef and hash browns were enormous , so laRGE  that my eyes poped out of my head when I saw the plate coming my way.I also noticed the  llunch menu and would love to go back- meat loaf, roast pork with stuffing and I saw a flinstone sized lamb shank coming out of the kitchen- evberything seemed to be in the ten dollar or so range...amazing roadfood nirvana- if you are ever in the region this place is worth a detour to get the sad part of the tale- the plate was so huge , I had the waitress take it away after eating only half the potatos and corned beef as I was afraid if I ate it all I would pass out in the musuem- also had a long ride home, but wow what a place .......I found some photos here, worth a look...Sangs is roadfood at its best, and yes talked with the owner and Steinbeck did eat there often- I can see why!!           
mayor al
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Re:sad tale from salinas-roadfood nirvana 2010/08/20 13:28:19
Sounds like you struck Gold !!! Thanks for the write-up. If you ever get back that way do a drive-by of the BBQ place in Castroville. I am curious as to if it is still in business???
Ahi Mpls.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:sad tale from salinas-roadfood nirvana 2010/08/21 09:30:23
  Very nice! 
  I love those 2-person booths...And I've got my eye on that shrimp egg foo young thingie. 
Re:sad tale from salinas-roadfood nirvana 2010/08/21 11:24:15
I can't believe how many times I went thru Salinas when I used to spend a lot of time in California and totally did not know about this place.