KC Chiefs Signature Sandwich: Vote!

2010/08/26 13:08:25
Aramark and the Chiefs are running a contest to see which of these 3 sandwiches people want for this season at Arrowhead.
Personally, they all seem too over the top, plus not all that representative of the City. Oh well, what else is new?
Arrowhead Sandwich Fan Vote


Filet Mignon
Re:KC Chiefs Signature Sandwich: Vote! 2010/08/26 13:30:30
None of them strike me as NFL food but I'd only consider the dog.
{A foot-long hot dog, heaped with barbecue baked beans, diced bunt ends, smoked bacon, cole slaw, pickles and house-recipe, Kansas City-style barbecue sauce}
The other two are not for me.
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Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
Re:KC Chiefs Signature Sandwich: Vote! 2010/08/26 13:30:43
They all sound pretty nasty to me.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:KC Chiefs Signature Sandwich: Vote! 2010/08/27 05:33:21
  As I am a Denver Bronco fan I can't recommend any of the above. Although I am partial to K.C. B.B.Q. since having lived there for a few years in the 80's.

  David O.
Re:KC Chiefs Signature Sandwich: Vote! 2010/08/27 08:53:57
Although I'm a Chicagoan and a (fair weather) Bears fan, my darling wife is a KC native.  As such, my secondary allegiance has been to the Chiefs for most of the 31 years of our marriage.  However, given the Chiefs recent performance standards, I think the sandwich should be something that reflects their playing ability.

For instance, the sandwich should be something very dry, you know, a sandwich that, halfway down, makes you choke.  Or maybe it should be so big and overwhelming that the eater simply gives up before even starting to chow down.

Now before all you Chiefs fans point out the Bears shortcomings, let me remind you that I did say I was a fair weather fan.  I'm well aware that the Monsters (not lately) of the Midway have been in a sorry state themselves lately.  This isn't trash talk.  I'm just another disappointed KC (and Chicago) fan voicing an opinion.  If the powers that be at Soldier Field ran a similar contest , my response would be the same.

Hey, wait 'til next year!