Winkys Hamburger Drive In

2010/08/29 15:52:34
Anybody in the Pittsburgh area remember Winkys Hamburgers?
Note:  Read the u-tube comments about the Big Mac!
Their birth and popular region was primarily in Pittsburgh, Pa. Long defunct, they were a mild clone of McDonald's. My guess is Winky's ventured out into 150-mile radius, possibly 200, at tops. McDonald's tried to buy (and sometimes it worked out that way) the property next to Winky's to capture customers.

Winky's never had the muscle to out-do the Golden Arches and became expansion-challenged while McDonald's took on the world. Winky's countered with menu expansion while McDonald's was still relatively narrow but the new products didn't quite catch on and huge waste ate into profits.

Winky's had:
Regular Hamburger
Regular Cheeseburger - second best seller - I think they were like under 50 cents
The Big Wink - outsold everything.
The Ground Round - the big quarter pounder burger - mayo, lettuce, tomato wasn't the combo people wanted
The Great One - a big roast beef sandwich - again, mayo, lettuce, tomato wasn't the combo people wanted
Fish Sandwich - huge fillets and tasty but they were twice the price of the filet-o'-fish
Fried Chicken - didn't sell hardly at all
Fries, Drinks and Shakes - average, at best but no one could compete with Mickey's fries.

Winky's was owned by Jiffy Foods because I remember all the boxes were stamped from them. My guess is the outer-perimeter stores closed first, 79 to 81 and the Pittsburgh area struggled until mid-80's before folding altogether.
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