Cheesesteak in Washington DC

Junior Burger
2010/08/29 16:27:58
I live right outside DC in Maryland.  There is a new cheesesteak place in Bethesda called South Street Steaks which is pretty good.  It uses Amoroso's rolls, is pretty close to Philly.  I lived in Philly for four years, and had probably at least a cheesesteak a week there, from many different places.  Just wondering, does anyone have any other places in the DC with authentic steaks?
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Cheesesteak in Washington DC 2010/08/29 16:34:12
Philadelphia Cheesesteak Factory on M Street in Georgetown has been making pretty decent (by out of the Philly area standards) steaks and cheesesteaks for years. I think they have a couple locations in the DC metro area.
Re:Cheesesteak in Washington DC 2010/08/30 18:23:49
I've not been up that way in a while, but I believe, also in Bethesda, is Philadelphia Mikes - on Wisconson Ave.

I grew up on these - - in the Del Ray section of Alexandria. I've read many favorable reviews from Philly folks over the years. Often crowded, but well worth the wait.