Bud lite Limeys

2010/09/01 13:17:03
Bud is doing a promotion here, where I sell 4, 7oz. bottles of Bud lite Limeys, they provide buckert I put ice and the 4 bottles in,$5.00. Personally I wouldn't touch one with a 10 ft. pole, that said, they are proving a popular choice...anyone tasted this ahhhhh, beer yet?
Re:Bud lite Limeys 2010/09/01 13:19:39
Had one.  Not an everyday kind of thing.  Afterwhile the lime flavor just starts to taste fake.  Good old Miller Lite never did me wrong though.
Junior Burger
Re:Bud lite Limeys 2010/09/01 14:16:35
Tried selling Bud Light Lime from the start (maybe two summers ago) and it sold pretty well for a while.  Definitely a summer beer.  This summer, Labatt Blue Light seemed more popular, so I switched to it, and it has also sold pretty good this summer.  See what happens when it gets cold out.  Never had much luck with the buckets until earlier this year.  Sold 12-oz. Bud Light cans and it was pretty successful.  Thought about trying the 7-oz bottles again when football starts.
Re:Bud lite Limeys 2010/09/01 19:22:03
I like a squeeze of lime in my Tecate so I tried these. After 7 or so of them they wern't so bad. I think they may be an acquired taste. :~)
Buckets have been a thing here in Texas for many years.
Re:Bud lite Limeys 2010/09/01 21:20:40
Most lite beers are thinly flavored water, anyway!
Re:Bud lite Limeys 2010/09/02 01:18:18
LOL, just think of it as one of those flavored waters. Some of those cost almost 5 bucks or so. And this has lime and some kinda kik.
Stay thirsty my friends!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Bud lite Limeys 2010/09/02 04:35:07
I drink Budweiser on occasion. I sometimes put lime in my beer in the summer. After about three, I start to get heartburn. I don't need my beer to be preflavored unless I order a Lambic ale.
  David O.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Bud lite Limeys 2010/09/02 09:06:49
Steven Colbert is promoting it during his show, much like Doritos promoted his presidential campaign.
Has anyone tried the Bud/Clamato mix?
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Bud lite Limeys 2010/09/02 10:48:43
The lime flavor tastes way too artificial to me.
Mark, I've tried the bud/clamato mix a couple times. I think they're called Bud Cheladas. It wasn't bad, but they put way too much salt in it. You'd be better off mixing your own.
sk bob
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Bud lite Limeys 2010/09/02 22:04:27
they market it to people who don't drink beer all the time
all I drink is Budweiser, all the time, I like the taste the way it is. PERIOD
I've tried other beers, Heiny, Becks,Sam Adams,etc, & I don't need craft brews.
and don't get me started on Corona...if you need to put a lime in your beer it has to taste like crap in the first place.
how about that Bud flavored with Clamato... that was a big seller!