Tomato water bloody mary

2010/09/02 15:08:28
So I bought some great heirloom tomatoes, and actually bought too many eat-so I took a few pounds and made tomato water.  Then I thought-why not try a different type of bloody mary?
So one part Absolut, four parts tomato water, one dash green Tabasco, handful of ice, shake well-heaven in a glass.  I garnished with a nice basil sprig.  Next one I'll try with a tiny squeeze of lemon.  Didn't want horseradish or Worstershire to muddy the flavors.
Re:Tomato water bloody mary 2010/09/02 19:15:33
John, nice to meet you! What is "tomato water" and how do you make it? And, was that Jalapeno Tabasco you used? Your right about the Worchestershire Sauce. Who wants to drink anchovies anyway!
Re:Tomato water bloody mary 2010/09/07 18:09:12
You chop, then puree in a blender ripe tomatoes.  Line a fine sieve with cheesecloth, set over a bowl, lightly salt the tomatoes, tossing them, and let sit overnight in the fridge.  You end up with a limpid greenish liquid that is the essence of tomatoes.  You can make it into a gelee, or use in cocktails or to boost the flavors of a caprese salad.  It works pretty good with supermarket tomatoes if you don't have vine ripened.
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Re:Tomato water bloody mary 2010/09/09 10:46:27
I made some "Sunny Mary's" on Labor Day. Made with fresh yellow tomato juice. They were pretty tasty!