Where is Jane?

Junior Burger
2003/04/06 16:19:57
I am new to Roadfood.com even though I bought and thoroughly enjoyed Michael and Jane's Roadfood several years ago and have used it often when I travel.

I have noticed as I have read reviews on roadfood that Michael Stern has a plethora of reviews, but I fail to find any reviews written by Jane. Is she out of the review business now?

You guys (and gals) are great! Thanks for helping make my travels gastronomical adventures!

Michael Stern
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Where is Jane? 2003/04/08 09:49:44
It's a division of labor: Jane eats, I write. Only kidding...
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Where is Jane? 2003/04/08 11:53:33
That seems like a reasonable division of duties, but leaves you to photograph the exterior of the places while she enjoys the close-up shots of the sausages etc etc.
In our family, I drive, she navigates and serves as the research person for the material we use to trace out the places that you folks, and a few minor-league competitor's, have published. She then becomes the screening committee of one to decide on what we are looking for, and I get to balance the choice of two or three in that theme against the distance and my hunger pangs. OK , OK so she gets to choose the basic Menu, but it works for us!!!
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Where is Jane? 2003/04/09 21:48:40
An honest question- Will the web-site replace future editions of the books? I am printing out those posts that give leads to new places not listed in the books, but will be ready to buy the book with all this nifty info arranged in 'intact' order.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Where is Jane? 2003/04/09 22:27:41
Wouldn't it be really great to have a Roadfood book addendum on this website? You can have a page with links to all of the forthcoming book additions (or those that would be if space allowed.). Then another with closings, address and phone changes. Finally, a third link with retractions---those places that have gone downhill, changed owners for the worse, will not be included in the next book, etc.

Of course, I will always buy whatever editions of Roadfood/Eat Your Way when they come out!!! Don't wanna bite the hand that feeds me across the USA, unless it's got some Pepe's Pizza in it!