Huntin Camp BBQ and Grill, Travelers Rest, SC

Double Cheeseburger
2010/09/06 08:39:37
On our way back from the Hendersonville, NC Apple Festival Saturday, my family and I stopped for a late lunch at Huntin Camp BBQ and Grill, on Hwy 25 in Travelers Rest, SC.
We all had the buffet, which I thought was pretty good. I liked the pork barbecue and the hash. The piece of BBQ chickens I had was very tasty and moist.  They had plenty of sauces to sample from a yellow mustard sauce (I couldn't tell if this was a house-made sauce or if they used Maurice's yellow sauce.), both a mild and a hot sauce (I thought the hot sauce was very good but to me it didn't have a lot of heat to it) and a white sauce that I really enjoyed, it had quite a bit of zing to it, I thought.
The sides range from beans to Macaroni and cheese to a sweet potato crumble. I usually don't like sweet potatoes at all, but I thought the crumble was really tasty.
The restaurant has a really good ambiance. Lots of critters stuffed and mounted on the wall. Service was really good. The front porch has plenty of rocking chairs.
I'd like to go back and order off the menu. Like I said, it was a late lunch, so I wonder if some of the items may have been out a little too long.
Anybody else ever try this place?