Roadside Hot Dog Vendor, Wethersfield, CT!! YUMMY!

Junior Burger
2010/09/08 09:29:11
Has anyone been to this relatively "new" Hot Dog Vendor on the Berlin Turnpike in Wethersfield?  It's called Lucky Dogs and it is owned by a local resident who started up his cart last summer, but had to move across the street from the old location due to a land sale.  This guy knows his stuff!!  It's obvious that his heart and soul goes into what he does.  Very passionate about the dogs/toppings and making sure that you enjoy every bite!  My suggestions?  The sweet pepper relish, the NY Onion Sauce, the Sweet Meat sauce and the chili.  I've tried them all and it's a toss-up every time I go, as to which one I'm going to choose!  He uses Hummel Brother's 8 inch natural casings and they are steamed so they "snap" when you bite into them.  Often you will see other family members there helping him out too, it's a nice "American Dream" kind of story.  I have stopped several times and asked a lot of questions too.  He is located in the parking lot of Atlas Tile in Wethersfield, across from Cumberland farms on the north end of the Berlin Turnpike.  He told me they are there from 11-3  Monday-Saturday.  It's well worth the trip!