Heartlanding Through the Breadbasket

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Re:Heartlanding Through the Breadbasket 2010/10/06 20:21:33
Monday September 6 (Labor Day)
Today is the last day I'll be Heartlanding through the Breadbasket- I guess all good things do have to come to an end.
I found out the weekend before that Zanzibar, the coffee house would be closed on Labor Day-however Java Joe's will be open, they did have a good iced coffe and I'll make sure I don't get another Dutch Letter..  I arrived a little after 7am and they were open. Java Joe's certainly rectified themselves, considering the disastrous experience I had the weekend before.
Besides a decent dark roast I had a fine Pecan Roll- fresh with a thick sweet glaze and a substantial meaty pecan flavor. Unfortunately I did not get any photos of the pecan roll
After breakfast I was back on the road and 3 1/2 hours later arrived at

The Minnesota State Fair in St. Paul. Unfortunately it was a cloudy day with on and off drizzle I tried to make the best of it considering I didn't have an umbrella (I really didn't need one on this trip!)
Picture this day like the climax of a fireworks show- you know the last few minutes where everything is set off- so again the theme is "eat like you're never going back" because it's doubtful I ever will
My first stop was unexpected but it caught my attention

I could let you all guess what I had but I'll let you all in on it

Swedish Potato Sausage- It had a nice mellow taste- the grilled onions seemed so right but the bright yellow mustard was oh- so - wrong...I have a cranberry mustard at home that would have been a perfect match- or better yet- a Lingonberry Mustard- I'm sure it exists-

Hey if they have Lingonberry Ice Cream then I'm sure they have lingonberry mustard (no I didn't try any of the ice cream) however another perfect option would have been brown gravy- but that option wasn't available.
Anyway I passed many interesting concessions- and yes most food does appear to be on a stick- however it seems that  over here

They make it very clear that "nothin's on a stick"
Anyway as I passed

The deep fried candybars, my attention actually turned to

The Corn roast

For fresh off the stalk sweet corn. Just like 4 years ago, some the best  corn on the cob I've ever had..
Now I was just getting into the swing of things because just around the corner

Fried Cheesecake- but that's not what I wanted

Now this is what I wanted- I've been looking forward to this for over two weeks

Freshly fried- sharp- squeaky- cheese curds- much better than the ones I had at the Nook over two weeks earlier.
Here are some other cool concessions that I bypassed


Looks like garlic fries have made it to Minnesota

And of course what's a state fair without some religious entertainment

Which got me hungry for my next stop

A big ol' smoked turkey leg-

But decided to skip the bars, which I guess I could have

washed down with some "all you can drink milk"
now that I ate some poulty- I guess it was time to visit some poultry

or perhaps not

However I did make it to the

The moo booth 

To see what this gal produced (the moo both serves shakes and ice cream)

I also happened to catch an impromptu parade

The smell of cinnamon rolls caught my attention and as much as I wanted them

I didn't get any

That was because I had to save myself for my next stop- No hotdish on a stick this time- I learned my lesson the last time however

The Krumkake (pronounced "krumkahkah") was really good- yes I pronounced it wrong

I know that some people on the forum have a obsessive almost disturbing passion for bacon and squeal with orgasmic delight when they see bacon in various pornographic display- well this is for you (I personally couldn't care less)

of course any fair in Minnesota would not be complete without Walleye on a stick

I've heard of Nut Rolls but walked right by so I could hit my final stop

but it wasn't the "uffda brat"  it was

Lynn's Lefse

I went with the Lefse Delight

Lefse filled with Lingonberries and topped with whipped cream (some of you may be familiar with the wrist band I'm wearing- I wore it just about the whole time I was on the trip - what does it say?)
After spending a few hours at the fair it was time to say "Goodbye"

I drove back to the airport-
When I arrived at my Layover- Midway in Chicago- it was time for dinner.
Since I was no longer heartlanding in the breadbasket, it was time to eat some plebian rustbelt cuisine- Chi Town Style...
So I went to Gold Coast  Dogs inside the Airport and topped off my trip with

An Italian Beef- with Giardinara

A Chicago Style Dog
I was back home just before midnight..
Epilogue and Footnotes later on in the week
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Re:Heartlanding Through the Breadbasket 2010/10/06 22:10:56
I ended you trip actually salivating.  Thank you, Dale for taking the time and effort to share your incredible food adventure.  Bravo!
mr chips
Filet Mignon
Re:Heartlanding Through the Breadbasket 2010/10/06 22:14:56
Great stuff,Dale. A food cart here in portland introduced me to lefse which I had with cheese and ligonberries.
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Double Cheeseburger
Re:Heartlanding Through the Breadbasket 2010/10/06 22:49:32
Excellent trip report!  Thanks for the posts.  And I could not agree with you more about Stroud's.  I was just at Stroud's for dinner a week ago for my first time and it was excellent!  Definitely going to be a must any time I am back in KC.
Filet Mignon
Re:Heartlanding Through the Breadbasket 2010/10/06 23:04:58
Excellent finish Dale--I'm so glad you included the Great Minnesota Get Together!  And a good tub of cheese curds to boot.  Did you make it around to see the dairy princess' butter busts?
Filet Mignon
Re:Heartlanding Through the Breadbasket 2010/10/07 04:53:19
This was an excellent trip report, wj.  I very much enjoyed it, and as I might travel to Minneapolis some time in the future, I am making notes about possible side-journeys.
Thanks for taking the time and effort to publish the text and photos.
Re:Heartlanding Through the Breadbasket 2010/10/07 07:37:45
Great trip report! I'm sorry to see it end though. Love the photos of the fair - ahhhhh....nothing like the smell of deep fried foods in the morning!
Re:Heartlanding Through the Breadbasket 2010/10/07 10:24:48
Great wind up at the Minnesota State Fair. I actually went twice this year to the fair which was a first for me. Also followed after you to Bemidji but tried a different place downtown, the Minnesota Nice Cafe for breakfast. I did not go and see the Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox statue. Enjoy your different perspective as an outsider of things I pretty much take for granted.
Re:Heartlanding Through the Breadbasket 2010/10/07 15:19:49
That my friend was an awesome report, well explored and photographed.  You made we want to explore, and enjoy that area of the states again.  Your choices of games and meals excellent.
That trip to the MN state fair looked like quite an adventure.
Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventure
Re:Heartlanding Through the Breadbasket 2010/10/10 10:47:49
Mr Chips,
Cheese with your lefse and lingonberries? Actually that would make sense, either a good Havarti or Jarlsberg would certainly go well.
Sorry I didn't see the dairy princess or the butter busts- I was a man on a mission however on and off rain got in the way- so I had to go under cover a few times since I was sans umbrella
Re:Heartlanding Through the Breadbasket 2010/10/10 12:01:11
Epilogue and Footnotes
First and foremost I usually don't dedicate a trip report- however in this case  I will
I dedicate this trip report to Jane and Michael Stern- without them- the concept of Roadfood as we know it in all its shapes, sizes and forms would not exist therefore making this trip an unlikely possiblity.
I'll start out with the small stuff..
Best Museum-                 Mill City Museum
                                        Minneapolis MN
Best non food surprise- The Weather, long stretches of no rain
                                       and  low humidity
Best Coffee House-  Tie- Broadway Cafe and Roasterie
                                        Kansas City MO
                                        The Coffeehouse on Cherry Street
                                        Tulsa OK
Best Beer-                       Smoked Hefe
                                        Town Hall Brewery Minneapolis MN
Best Breakfast- 1st Place  Hell's Kitchen
                                        Minneapolis MN
                          2nd Place- Keys Cafe
    St Paul MN
                          3rd Place- Niecie's
                                          Kansas city MO 
Best Standbys-(non breakfast)- Top 5

                       (1st place)  The Breadbasket
                                                      Newton KS
                                             LC's Bar-b-q
                                                     Kansas City MO
                                             Tea Steak House
                                                     Tea SD
                                                     Kansas City MO
                                              Tavern on Grand
                                                     St Paul MN
Best Meals-(non breakfast) (newly visited restaurants) - Top 5

                            (1st Place)     The Angry Trout
                                                           Grand Marais MN
                                                     TNT's Diner
                                                           West Fargo ND
                                                    Carol's Restaurant
                                                            Blaine MN
                                                   TC's Point After
                                                            Dewitt IA
                                                    Jess and Jim's Steakhouse
                                                               Kansas City MO
Top 5 Soups                      Chicken Borscht-
                                          Breadbasket Newton KS
                                         Fried's  Family Restaurant Mandan ND
                                        Cream of Wild Rice
                                        Kafe Stuga- Harris MN
                                        Wild Rice
                                    Northern Lights Cafe Beaver Bay MN
                                        Beer Cheese Soup
                                        TNT's Diner West Fargo ND
Top 5 Desserts Sour Cream Raisin Pie
                          TNT's Diner West Fargo ND
                         Raspberry Rhubarb Pie
                         Rustic Inn Cafe Two Harbors MN
                         Sour Cream Raisin Pie
                          Farmer's Kitchen Atlantic IA (via long distance)
                         Banana Cream Pie
                         Riefe's Restaurant Davenport IA
                         Chocolate Zone and Hog Heaven Ice Cream
                         Murray's Ice Cream Kansas City MO
Most Incredulous  Chicken Fried Steak
                           Roosters Cafe- Jones OK
Most Overrated    Onion Burger
                          Robert's Grill- El Reno OK

Nastiest -             Beer Cheese Soup
                           Bison Turf- Fargo ND
                           Dutch Letter
                           Java Joe's- Des Moines IA
I don't get it award- Fleischkuechle
                                  Maid Rites, Loosemeats , Taverns Etc.
Least Favorite Desserts-  Lingonberry Bar-
                                          Cafe Finspang- Minneapolis MN
                                          Little Cottage Cafe- Bismarck ND
Planned Stops that were Closed Lemon Wolf Cafe
                                                       Beaver Bay MN
                                                      Ann's Chicken Fry
                                                       Oklahoma City OK
  Future Trips -
due to being middle class without an endless flow of cash, upcoming condo renovations
trying to live a healthy lifestyle, and trying to remain rooted, future trips will be far and few between. I do plan to take at least one trip next year- it will be  a driving trip straight down I 70 to St Louis, I've never been to the new minor league park in Columbus OH and would like to see historic Gettysburg and visit the Roadfood acclaimed Farnsworth House with perhaps a Fried Chicken Smackdown in Indianapolis and Toasted Ravioli Smackdown in St Louis and will hopefully include side trips to Nick's Kitchen in Huntington and Horseshoe ventures in Springfield IL. This trip will take place while the renovations are being completed in my condo. If time allows, a detour to Milwaukee and Chicago will be in order.
Long Range plans will be a roadfood trip to coincide with the new Miami Ballpark in 2012
who knows where that would take me but I'm hoping it will be a marathon of a trip similar to the Rocky Mountain Highs and Big Skys Trip as well as the Heartlanding through the Breadbasket trip- after that I can only tell you that my trips will involve foreign lands and won't revolve around roadfood  unless the opportunity arises.
However this won't prevent me from taking short trips in and around New England and of course the NYC area where I have friends.

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Filet Mignon
Re:Heartlanding Through the Breadbasket 2010/10/10 13:26:52
See you in 2012!
Filet Mignon
Re:Heartlanding Through the Breadbasket 2010/10/28 09:16:34
Re:Heartlanding Through the Breadbasket 2010/11/11 13:48:19
I was just in the twin cities this past weekend.  I didn't prepare ahead so I just went driving from my hotel to find a place to eat.  It was a residential area, so I wasn't finding much.  I was about to settle for Subway in a strip mall but as I walked up to the storefront I noticed the place next door:  Mavericks.  So I decided to try that instead - OH YEAH!  It was awesome.  I also tried the Brisket on Pumpernickel.  I also got a Jerk beef as well.  Both were outstanding!  The beef on rye was a great hearty combo, especially with some of the horseradish or BBQ sauce from the condiment bar they offer.  The Jerk beef had a good kick of spices.  The coleslaw side also had the horseradish bite.  I would go out of my way to get a meal from here again!
Re:Heartlanding Through the Breadbasket 2013/11/22 12:48:30
I always love to bump my past trip reports  because It just drives some people up the wall...
This one was bumped for a reason...

I finally found the 35 mm photo of the Tinman, Dorothy (and Toto) and the Scarecrow 
that I took on my first visit back in 2000. Still no cowardly lion though.... 

If you observe the photo I took on page 6 back in 2010 it only had the tin man.

Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
Re:Heartlanding Through the Breadbasket 2013/11/22 13:01:02
You just drove me up the wall. And thanks. I loved that trip report. Again!
Re:Heartlanding Through the Breadbasket 2013/11/22 13:23:45
Michael Hoffman

You just drove me up the wall. And thanks. I loved that trip report. Again!

Filet Mignon
Re:Heartlanding Through the Breadbasket 2013/11/22 13:50:59
Hoping it's a regionally acceptable wall...
Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
Re:Heartlanding Through the Breadbasket 2013/11/22 13:53:43
It was an inside wall at McDonald's. A very regional McDonald's.
Filet Mignon
Re:Heartlanding Through the Breadbasket 2013/11/22 14:00:09

Re:Heartlanding Through the Breadbasket 2013/11/22 14:34:28
I was reviewing my long range  plans for 2011. Funny how you never know what the future holds. The new roof on the condo (which was just completed btw) certainly curtailed those plans for condo renovations
Re:Heartlanding Through the Breadbasket 2013/11/22 15:18:59
Since there is a bump, last summer I stopped at the Lemon Wolf Cafe again and tried their wild rice soup. I'd been to Northern Lights numerous times. It was by far the best I've had. This is the place you didn't get to because it was not open.

Interestingly a local Twin Cities TV station does a segment of the best of each week and ask the viewers to choose. Guess what they featured this week? Wild rice soup. Guess what restaurant won out? Cornerstone in Monticello.
Re:Heartlanding Through the Breadbasket 2013/11/23 09:16:23
I so wanted to go to Lemon Wolf Cafe .....
Ironically the Wild Rice Soup at Cornestone was my least favorite, however I did enjoy a sample of their Tomato Basil. 
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