After reading 2010 bbq

Junior Burger
2010/09/19 11:07:36
 After reading the 2010 BBQ mag i desided to get on this forum . I now live in NC mountains and missed really good bbq. First tried that eastern vinager bogged up stuff about 10 years ago and that could be oven cooked and no one would notice because of the sauce. That for me goes for all the lexington vinager based stuff.  Red slaw too.  But that goes the same way with any restraunt covering there meat with a red sauce.  I grew up knowing that bbq was slow cooked over wood and let the customer muck up there food. 
  I have found a small bbq place in Saluda NC  that is called Green River bbq and for the couple times i have been there it is pretty darn good all around. It is off c-176. Another up here in the mountains is some guys that build homes, slow work , so they went back to there roots. They opened  BAMA-Q in Spruce Pine NC on 226. They have been up gradeing as the bucks come in and now have some good equipment  and make some great pork. I don't care for beef much but even there brisket is real good. Pretty well rounded bbq. I have been gone from  SW FL for 13 years ,been back 1 time and found that in Naples FL  Rib City still has good BBQ and Michaelbobs is ok,to costly but still OK.  Even Sonny's in Clewiston is still real good. Not like some of the other chain stores.. Sure do miss have'n hogs running around to take home and cook your self. 
   Anyone here ever have cooked in the groud Cuban pork???   ummmm goood
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re: After reading 2010 bbq 2010/09/19 14:12:35
Welcome aboard Hardluk.
 It's very commonly done around here at christmas eve. An above ground contraption that works like a ground pit it getting popular too called a Caja China. They're sold in all of the grocery stores about the same time.
Junior Burger
Re: After reading 2010 bbq 2010/09/19 16:44:27
 South FL.,,,you in the right area for the best cooking period. I do miss cuban food. Nothing in NC mountians like it. Even a basic hot cuban sandwich. Atleast i still have BBQ. I'll look up that caja china thang. Thanks