For the Record: Northampton, Massachusetts

Filet Mignon
2010/09/21 17:34:45
In Northampton, MA ...
I'll post some pictures soon, but I've found a real gem of a spot.
The Autogarden Grille ... It is the backyard of the very well respected Green Street Cafe.  A few picnic tables surrounded by old car bodies with plants and flowers.
There is a Grill-master turning out chicken, high quality burgers, lamb burgers (with a grilled peach) and my favorite, a grilled hotdog for $3.00 ... because every meal comes with your choice of a selection that includes sides such as pickles, homemade slaw, ratatouille, pickled beets, German potato salad, etc.  You get a generous feast for $3.00 plus tip.
Oh and service with a smile.
You will not be dissapointed.
Re:For the Record: Northampton, Massachusetts 2010/09/22 13:13:23
Can't wait to see this place!!