Bowens Island in Autumn issue of Sandlapper Magazine

Double Cheeseburger
2010/09/23 13:33:45
We got the autumn issue of South Carolina's Sandlapper magazine delivered to our office the other day. I've been flipping it through and noticed a nice little write up about Bowens Island,
It really seems like they're bouncing back nicely from the fire.
I know there are a number of Bowens Island fans here, so I thought I'd let them know about it.
The articles doesn't seem to be on the sandlapper web site yet,,  but I'll update this thread if they post it.
Here's a little excerpt from the end of the piece, which was written by Stephen Hoffus:
"... your next shovelful of oysters is about to arrive, steam rising from them, burning your hand, but they're too good not to touch as soon as they're served. You slide an oyster knife into the silver of an opening, balancing the shell to keep all of the hot juice from pouring out, drink it down, then carve out the quivering oyster, which tastes like the Folly River because it just left there."
Re:Bowens Island in Autumn issue of Sandlapper Magazine 2010/09/23 18:05:32
Stayed in Wild Dunes a couple of times, absolutely magnificent, I didn't know there was a fire next door, how bad was it, and when?
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Bowens Island in Autumn issue of Sandlapper Magazine 2010/09/23 20:15:02
A couple of years back, Chewie. They rebuilt the place in time for the Glee Club to stop in Last winter.