Best Tacos outside of Mexico

Rocky Enfield
2010/09/23 16:57:03
On the northern edge on Goshen, In (a town that has 35% of its residents that are Hispanic) is an authentic Mexican restaurant.  It is called Carnecieria San Jose.  It has excellent tacos including, brain, tongue and a few other things I do not like.  What they do have are wonderful grilled fish tacos.  Prepared simply with your choice of flour or corn tortillas.  You can order them with lettuce, tomato & fresh grated cheese (chihuahua) or onion & cilantro.  They come with a couple chunks of lime and you are ready to go.  Tuesdays are $1 Taco day.  I went the other day had 3 tacos (2 fish, 1 pork), free chips & salsa, ice water and I walked out of there for $3 plus tax and tip.  If you get in the area try it.  On other days the tacos are $1.75 each.  These are the best tacos I have had outside of Mexico.  Except for the ones I made from shark that we had caught the day before and grilled it (of course those cost more then $1 each)
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Best Tacos outside of Mexico 2010/09/23 17:50:01
Well if Gary, In is the home of Pizza, then I guess Goshen can be the home of Tacos.