Hamburger Hamlet

2010/09/24 13:06:40
Ever eaten there? Years ago I was a frequent luncher in their West Hollywood store, I liked it. Huge Star watcher place then. I recently had a burger and fries in a HH in Bethesda, Md. over $10.00 for the burger and fries, pre frozen. Any thoughts on Hamburger Hamlet, ever been to one?
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Re:Hamburger Hamlet 2010/09/27 02:39:00
yeah, it's got way downhill...
different corporation owns it now...
I used to like those ones in southern Cal, as well...
Re:Hamburger Hamlet 2010/09/27 10:08:22
No more Hamburger Hamlets in So Cal.
Those that are left are now called The Hamlet.
There is one walking distance from where I work.  I don't go there.
Same menu but the service and quality of the food has gone way down.
Used to love their lobster bisque but the last and it will be my last time I ordered it, it was extremely salty.
They were the first for me in the chicken wing department.  They serve a plate covered with fried chicken wings and a good apricot dipping sauce.  Not ordering those again, either.  OVER cooked, chicken jerky.
Their burgers are okay and I still like their onion soup.
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Re:Hamburger Hamlet 2010/09/27 12:41:02
yup, I went to one of those Hamburger Hamlets in the Wash DC area..(in arlington, VA, in the crystal city underground shopping center)
Place was packed, lots of Pentagon workers, etc...
atomosphere was nice, service was nice, but food was  mediocre...
had some slider burgers, just "ok"....