Fading Feast

2010/09/28 18:30:09
It says This forum is where you can post any current Roadfood news.  I couldn't find anywhere designated for out of date news, so I'm going to violate that a bit.
Many years ago, before I discovered the Sterns' books, I became enamored of a regular column in Natural History magazine.  The columnist was Raymond Sokolov, and the subject was vanishing regional specialty foods.  Some/many/most of the columns were collected into a book.  Eventually his column ended, and I forgot about the book, but a reference to it came to my attention just now and to my surprise I found no mention of it on these forums.
The book is Fading Feast: A Compendium of Disappearing American Regional Foods by Raymond A. Sokolov.  I found various editions for sale on Amazon and (my preference) half.ebay.com, with some copies for prices that even - after shipping - are under ten dollars.  I have not actually seen the book myself, but I am sure the columns would have appealed to many roadfood enthusiasts.
Just thought it was worth passing along.