Wisconsin Foodie

2010/10/02 14:38:48
I don't know how much Roadfood content it'll have but a new series called "Wisconsin Foodie" premieres this coming Thursday, October 7 at 7pm CDT on Wisconsin Public Television (I'm not sure if MPTV will follow the same schedule).  Episodes are 30 minutes long and repeat on Saturday mornings.
Filet Mignon
Re:Wisconsin Foodie 2010/10/02 15:26:57
Episode 1 - Mike
Episode 2 - Christin
Episode 3 - Chuck ....
Should be a long running series.
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Wisconsin Foodie 2010/10/02 20:12:42
Vhen will we be gettin' Sven and Olie and Hans and Olaf, and even Helga, by Golly ??
I want a Kringle episode !!!!!!!