White Tower in Toledo?

Junior Burger
2010/10/03 04:27:11
Does anyone know if the vintage White Tower was ever re-opened in Toledo? I saw a lot of newspaper articles about it being saved from the wrecking ball and supposedly relocated, but never anything more. Any news and especially an address would be great!
Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
Re:White Tower in Toledo? 2010/10/03 12:53:32
White Tower 1515 w sylvania ave, Toledo, OH 43612 (419) 476-8633 () ‎
Amazing! I grew up eating at the White Tower at the corner of College Street and Crown Street in New Haven.
I'm now not sure about this. I called the phone number and got an answer from someone saying "Thank you for calling White Tower," but when I expressed pleasure to know the place still existed the response was one of confusion. "Why wouldn't we exist?" I then checked further and learned this might not be the same White Tower.
For further information:
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Junior Burger
Re:White Tower in Toledo? 2010/10/03 14:16:07
Yes, I'm not so sure either - I had seen both  these articles before. They both suggest the building was moved. But if you go to Google street views (which I know are not so current), I certainly don't see the distinctive building at that address.