Looking for chocolate creams

2010/10/10 14:27:10
Looking for Chocolate Creams that are thick creams rather than gooey creams, I looking for a texture like a 3 Musketeer bar but better obviously. and with good quality chocolate any one know, looking for a gift for December Christmas so any advice please will be helpful
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Looking for chocolate creams 2010/10/10 14:52:07
Three Musketeers isn't really a cream; it's more of a marshmallow/whipped chocolate filling.  (Some people call it nougat, but it isn't nougat, either.)
I'm not criticizing you at all, but I'm suggesting that if you are looking to replicate the Three Musketeers texture, you're most likely not going to find it in anything labeled "chocolate cream."
That said, Rebecca Ruth Candy of Kentucky, and Ethel M and Ethel's chocolates all make fantastic chocolate creams.
I just got back from a trip to Lexington, KY and Las Vegas, so I was able to sample both.
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Treetop Tom
Re:Looking for chocolate creams 2010/10/10 15:11:58
You can't be very far from a branch of Malley's Chocolates.  Their Chocolate NutMallow might fit the bill.
Junior Burger
Re:Looking for chocolate creams 2010/11/26 22:41:32
I just saw some good looking ones at
ann peeples
Re:Looking for chocolate creams 2010/11/27 08:18:17
I have been searching for the chocolate creams for a few years and found them! Eileens brand candy is a Wisconsin firm and the creams are carried at Farm & Fleet. Brachs makes a chocolate cream and I found them at Walgreens. Unfortunately, this may not help you as you are in Ohio.