Original Ledo's Pizza (College Park, MD)

2010/10/13 10:16:48
The original Ledo's Pizza has now moved to their new location, just off the campus of the University of Maryland. Anyone familiar with Ledo's surely remembers the old location, on University Boulevard in Adelphi, a mile or so from campus. Ledo's pizza is serious pizza, baked in square pans; their specialty is "everything but the kitchen sink," which is exactly that.
We've had pizza twice now from the new location (which is nice and shiny and much bigger than the previous location) and I can report that it's just as tasty. I have also had an Italian cold-cut sub, which was up to par as well. My office is already planning the staff holiday party to be there in December. And now we'll be able to get a private room to have it in!
One thing has carried over: they are still using the old menus! I just wish they'd put this special shrimp and c heese appetizer on the menu!
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Re:Original Ledo's Pizza (College Park, MD) 2010/10/13 15:29:21
It's been many years since I've had pizza from the original Hyattsville location (Jumbo Food, we hardly knew ye).  The last time was carryout on New Year's Eve in the early 80's.
When I went to U of MD, everyone took first dates to Ledo's (or the 'Vous - ) and I recall the non-smoking section was one table in the far corner of the dining room.
I infrequently go to the franchise in Westminster and while it's okay, it's not as good as I remeber Hyattsville being.  Of course I'm not sure how well I remember even that.
Two other extinct dinosaur places in/around Hyattsville were Ray's Ranch House, and the Crazy Horse BBQ. 
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Re:Original Ledo's Pizza (College Park, MD) 2010/10/18 14:10:38
eruby. you have brought back many memories to me! Ray's sounds familiar but I just can't place it; so does Crazy Horse BBQ, but can't place that either! Gah for senior moments. I have lived in the DC area since 1975, and in the Mt. Rainier/Hyattsville area of MD since 1979. Did you ever have Bodanski's pizza/subs?! They're long gone too, but I'm just down the street from where they used to be in West Hyattsville. Lee's is still here, though. I should do a review of Lee's sometime.
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Re:Original Ledo's Pizza (College Park, MD) 2010/10/18 15:28:29
Lee's Restaurant!  That's a blast from the past tarragon. I never had Bodanski's but do recall the place.
Ray's Ranch House was on Queen's Chapel, right by Hamilton (Lee's isn't too far) and Crazy Horse BBQ was on Riggs Road up from University Blvd (but I don't remember if you had to cross East-West Highway too.
A couple other places I loved were Chick Hall's Surf Club (Riverdale, but close) and Berk Motley's Sirloin Room (near Peace Cross).  And of course Mt Ranier is famous for being the origin of  The Exorcist, and I still remeber when Junior Burdinsky dissapeared.
One more gem that seems to still be going strong is The Calvert House.  Haven't been in years, but may have to make a trip.
Ahh, memories indeed.