Smelling and Smelling like your G-Spoon.

Junior Burger
2004/01/24 18:20:25
Breakfast on a Hangover,
Do we all remember the days when Mom or Dad use to take us along to the Greasy Spoon Breakfast Joint and we would walk out with that familiar bacon smell all over us? Well, this morning my 5 yr. old Hanna asked why this is the case. I must admit to having a few to many glasses of wine with family and friends the night before and the best answer I could muster is ask Mom. Mom looked at me with "that look" and replied Daddy is the diner, greasy spoon, restaurant expert ask him again. My more informed reply was the heavy weight of grease in the air carries the aroma of the foods being cooked on the grill and because the grease and air cannot escape quickly enough it lands on our hands and clothes, being heavier than air and thus the wonderful aroma. Well, minutes ago Grandpa(my father) called and asked why I was telling Hanna bacon flew onto our clothes?

Chalk it up to being a first time parent.

The German Village Coffeehouse in downtown Columbus, Ohio charges nothing extra for the aroma's and the pancakes are really great.

Happy Eats,