Rib City

2010/10/15 17:52:58
A place called Rib City opened in Frederick near my wife's office. She brought home some Pulled Pork and beef Brisket[somehow I feel like I posted this before], in any case it is hands down the worst BBQ I've ever had, the pork was a dry sliced loin, the brisket a dry sliced eye of the round. Is this a chain or did some poor fool hit and miss here?
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Rib City 2010/10/15 18:21:46
Do an AOL search for the name Rib City. It is a chain, started in FL. in 1989, with locations in a total of 10 states. In most of those states including Maryland, there is only ONE outlet in the whole state. Colorado is the exception with 6 stores around the state. They have a website...but apparently lack some of the  kitchen skills.