Roadhouse BBQ on the menu

Filet Mignon
2010/10/17 11:15:34
I hope Buddy is collecting royalties.

Re:Roadhouse BBQ on the menu 2010/10/18 00:31:59
Unfortunately, since the word "Roadhouse" is part of the common lexicon, it cannot be copyrighted or trademarked.  I knew this when we started the business.  Likewise, I knew there were LOTS of restaurants, bars, and, well, roadhouses that all carried the name "Roadhouse".  And with these pre-existing businesses, and even those food serving establishments that are newer to the game, I have no problem.
There are, however, a handful of johnny-come-lately weasels who have slapped the word Roadhouse on their products knowing full well of our existence and prior use of the name.  Two prominent examples include a large company in the San Francisco area whose name rhymes with Barcoal Bompanion who introduced a Barbecue Sauce called "Southern Roadhouse" almost exactly one year after we introduced our products to that market.  I got even with them by winning multiple awards at prestigious Barbecue Cook-offs and getting our sauces named best in the country by a couple of national magazines while their products sat around gathering dust.  But I'm not bitter.
The other name stealer is even worse.  He's a former customer of mine who bought our sauces for internet sales.  Then I find out he's created a line of salad dressings called "Roadhouse Salad Dressing".  Talk about integrity in business, eh?
The bottom line is, with a name like "Roadhouse" there's not a lot you can do about it if someone comes along and decides they like the sound of it for their own products.  The best you can hope for is to outlast the punks and wish evil upon them.
So far, it's a strategy that's worked out pretty well.