Mid-October Maine lobstah

Junior Burger
2010/10/19 22:16:05
Traveling in Maine post-Columbus Day, you'll find most lobster pounds closed for the winter. But we've been determined and here are some recommendations: near Bar Harbor on Rte 233, check out Parson's for live lobster starting at $5.25/lb. Unfortunately, they don't cook them, but will loan you a big pot and give cooking instructions, so if you have a cottage with a kitchen or RV, you're all set. Their scallops were fabulous also. North of Bar Harbor on Rte 3, look for the Rose Haven cottages and there you'll find the "Traveling Lobster" who will sell you a cooked dinner for two (2 lobsters, 2 crabs, 2 corns) for $29.95 inc. tax. He delivers free to the campground across the road. In Belfast, Young's lobster pound will cook 'em up for you and if the weather's good you can eat on the docks. With the famed Red's Eats closed in Wiscasset, a wonderful discovery nearby is Phil's on the south side of Rte 27 outside Booth Bay. You'll see the sign: "Lobster Rolls $7, 3 for $20." Let me tell you how good they are: a big scoop of lobster meat (claws only) glazed with mayo and put into a warm butter-toasted lobster roll bun. They're the best we've had and Phil should know his stuff: he's been making these for 51 years. No water, no view, but you can eat on the deck. Start with 3 per couple and you just may order three more. Live lobster prices in October, 2010 average $5.99/lb for 1 1/4 pounders and $6.99 for the 1 1/2 pounders, all soft shell. Hard shell's ususally a buck more, but locals will tell you that soft-shells are good this time of year. We agree.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Mid-October Maine lobstah 2010/10/20 23:04:27
Hello all ,
Thanks Vin Fan for the info , have been to Bar Harbor and the coast of Maine in July , love the area but neer this latein the yr .
I might have to plan something soon