licorice ice cream

Junior Burger
2004/01/25 18:53:52
Baskin Robbins used to have a licorice ice cream that they brought out around Halloween. My sister took me shopping once when I was 9 (29 years ago) and we had never seen licorice ice cream before so of course we had to get double scoops. It looked awful but was delicious, not a flavor usually associated with ice cream. I've dreamed of it ever since but never saw it again. Obviously not a big seller. Anyone ever see this?
Ort. Carlton.
Filet Mignon
RE: licorice ice cream 2004/01/25 20:22:33
Seen it, bought it, ate it, and loved it! It turned my mouth,lips, and innards black, but it was worth it... it smiled all the way down!
I understand that Ben & Jerry's does a batch of it every so often for sale exclusively in their stores. The nearest one to me (that I am aware of, anyway) is on West Franklin Street in downtown Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Someone there told me about it, but it was gone long before I managed to get there.
Anyone else got any ideas, short of churning up your own?
Dairying Y'all, Ort. Carlton in Almost-Freezing Athens, Georgia.
Junior Burger
RE: licorice ice cream 2006/04/12 19:25:38
not only do i remember licorice ice cream at baskin robbins, i paid 15 cents plus a penny tax. hahahahah
Filet Mignon
RE: licorice ice cream 2006/04/12 19:59:48
I remember it well....was up with daquiri ice as my favorites!
mr chips
Filet Mignon
RE: licorice ice cream 2006/04/25 01:32:33
The local ice cream parlor in Carlton, Oregon always had licorice and banana nut ice cream when I was growing up. The black tongue was worth it for the licorice
Filet Mignon
RE: licorice ice cream 2006/04/26 22:11:04
Yes, hooray for daiquiri ice, too!!
RE: licorice ice cream 2006/04/28 23:18:04
Coldstone had it last year. Hopefully they'll bring it back.
RE: licorice ice cream 2007/07/14 20:12:19
I just read this topic. Yes! I loved the Baskin Robbins licorice. How can we order some???
Double Cheeseburger
RE: licorice ice cream 2007/07/14 20:46:39
I think it's only a seasonal flavor, but Shady Glen in Manchester, CT has an amazing licorice chip flavor. Definitely was wary about trying it, but it is delicious!
Filet Mignon
RE: licorice ice cream 2007/07/18 12:53:15
Baskin Robbins does it again, at least the black tongue part - last wek my daughter ordered a flavor like "Very Berry" or something - it was an ice or sherbert - blackberry/blueberry/other berry - and she looked terrible: black lips, teeth, tongue - I guess they use they same dye on Halloween Licorice!