Pizza Bella, Ashley/Hanover PA

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2010/10/21 20:13:39
At the request of dear daughter, who is home from college on fall break, we tried a new pizza spot tonight, Pizza Bella on Hazle St in Hanover Township (PA), right on the Ashley border. (For those keeping track, that's in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area). If you're from the area and haven't tried Pizza Bella, it is in the Norm's/Grotto family of styles, but not really close to Grotto style. More like inbetween Norm's and NYC style.
You know, it was not bad. They make some attempts at being distinctive. The crust is a bit sweet, and a bit bready, but still has some chew to it; the sauce, too, is a bit sweet/tomatoey rather than savory/herb. Toppings were plentiful, and the sausage was full anise flavored. Mushrooms were canned unfortunately.
We also ordered a Parma-boli, a meatball parmesan stromboli. Pretty decent. Think, BIG meatball sub/haogie/grinder, but baked in folded pizza dough.
Would it be my own go-to? Nope. But if someone else brought it around, I'd eat it.
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Re:Pizza Bella, Ashley/Hanover PA 2010/10/21 20:43:29
Thanks for the tip. I don't get down that way often (I'm from WAAYY up da valley), but if i find myself looking for a place to eat when I'm near there, I'll keep it in mind.
Re:Pizza Bella, Ashley/Hanover PA 2010/10/22 08:33:39
Mosca,  From what I understand, Pizza Bella started on Hazle Street with two owners.  They split up, opening stores in different locations under the same name.  I have seen the location in Kingston and have ordered from the location in Plains Twp(eat in and delivery).
The Plains location....the pizza was horrible.  Thin, hard, tasteless crust.  The sauce is sweet, but not bad.  The wings were good with high marks for their hot sauce.  Management consists of teenage kids.  The delivery service is inept.
Glad you had a good experience.  Five bucks says they have different owners 
EDIT:  At the request of my dear daughter visiting us from Orlando, we went to Dominick's for pizza last night.
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Re:Pizza Bella, Ashley/Hanover PA 2010/10/22 09:30:31
Joe, the crust is what reminded me of Norms/Grotto. It was chewier, though. (For those not in the area, Norms/Grotto = thin, hard, tasteless crust.) I try to avoid Norm's/Grotto, but this was definitely edible pizza. Again, not my personal go-to, but good enough to be someone's preference.