$4.00 Lobster at Canlis in Seattle ...

Re:$4.00 Lobster at Canlis in Seattle ... 2010/10/22 08:53:32
That's a pretty neat marketing concept.  Maybe one of the Washingtonians here will have the good fortune to find a menu.
I read the comments and the one about a Mother's Day party of 5 racking up an $800 bill just about floored me!
Re:$4.00 Lobster at Canlis in Seattle ... 2010/10/22 09:49:25
I dined at Canlis on a recent trip to Seattle.
I described it as excellent fine dining, but a little too "Foo Foo"(formal) for me.  I had the Muscovy Duck($96 for two).  Probably the best duck I ever had.  Between the dry aging and slow cooking all the fat was rendered out, the skin was crispy and the meat succulent.  But, when you add in a salad and an appetizer, you are easily around $100 per person without drinks.
Their wine list is huge and in my opinion, severely overpriced.  Mark-ups tend to be around 4-5 times the retail price.  
So Brad, five people with wine and maybe a cocktail at the bar, easily 800 bucks at this place.  
Canlis is also one of the toughest reservations in town.
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Re:$4.00 Lobster at Canlis in Seattle ... 2010/10/22 11:18:07
What I would like to see is some fraternity print up about 1,000 copies of the menu from the PDF file listed in the article, get two guys to sign it with a serial number from between 1 and 50, then plant the menus all over town. KOMO-TV can have a news truck parked down there to record the fights that break out!
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Re:$4.00 Lobster at Canlis in Seattle ... 2010/10/22 11:28:59
I lived in Seattle for 20 years and Canlis was always on my "not" to-do list.