Early KFC Sides

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2010/10/24 02:16:54
I've been trying to determine what the KFC pre-corporate to corporate transition sides were. This is hard to nail down as the pre-corparate agreements allowed any restaurant to feature the chicken with their own menu and sides. Sanders did offer some suggested sides with his own recipes, but beyond the chicken royalty agreement, gravy, approved sourcing, and equipment rental agreements, nothing was carved in stone until the corporate take over and then not immediately. There were recipes offered for BBQ beans, Bean Salad, Potato Salad, and Cole slaw, but not mandatory. Pre-1970, we had a few QSR operators that were usually ex-drive in operations that went with the box/bucket Harmon/Hobby House theme and offered the tiered packages with only mashed potatoes, the dirty gravy, slaw, FF, and the chicken along with a roll and wet nap/spork package. None offered any of the supplemental recipes in the original agreement around here. It's important to note that this area wasn't initally included in the corporate buyout and under the control of Sander's daughter. When the corporate red and white locations opened up, there were big changes besides the chicken. The gravy became that yellow sludge. They started to offer a "pink" potato salad with green onions and sliced potatoes. That very soon gave way to a non-sweet mayo based salad with pellet-like potatoes in a mashed potato base. The macaroni salad was a thin mayo base that wasn't sweet and sort of vinergary with flecks of carrot in it. Those of you that have had Publix's current macaroni salad would know that taste minus anything but a few carrot flecks. The original suggested recipes used only Miracle Whip, had no carrots, and were generally sweet. The corporate stores changed all that. Even the cole slaw went from a confetti sized slaw with a lot of leaf green to a rice sized mush that included carrots.
What do you folks remember as the offered sides b4 the corporate takeover?
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Re:Early KFC Sides 2010/10/24 07:15:06
ca. 1980 they served "bread" that was sort of like a hamburger bun, not a biscuit.  When I first went to Bojangle's on 36th street by the airport, I was amazed by the biscuit, in contrast to the KFC offering.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Early KFC Sides 2010/10/24 08:23:57
DawnT, I wish I could help, because you're bringing back lots of great memories.  As late as the '70s, we had Carl's Restaurants, real full-service restaurants with delicious sides in addtion to the entee, Col. Sanders' Kentucky Fried Chicken, which was advertised as "fresh, never frozen milk-fed chicken."  Unfortunately, I can't recall specifics of the side dishes served there.  But the chicken was wonderful back then.  And we took for granted the real plates, glasses, and silverware.
MiamiDon:  Bojangle's biscuits really rock.
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Re:Early KFC Sides 2010/12/26 12:40:09
when i was 15 to 17 i worked at a kfc in skokie illinois as a cook, all i remember was orig recipe, x crispy, mash potatoes gravy,cole slaw rolls and little parfait deserts that was the whole menu in 1978
Michael Hoffman
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Re:Early KFC Sides 2010/12/26 12:46:32
Milk fed chicken?
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Re:Early KFC Sides 2010/12/26 13:00:18
Yep, that was the pitch as it read on the menu.  I can't comment further, except to say that it sho' was good.
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