I'm doomed

2010/11/02 18:08:23
After standing vacant for over 3 years, the store next to mine has LEASED signs all over it's front windows.
I'd say it's a good thing because up and down this main boulevard there are empty stores.
However, I asked the construction guys (hard hats and all) if they knew what was going in.
Two months ago I would have been ecstatic but now I'm troubled by the thought.
I've never heard of them, but they sure sound like a place I'd frequent.
Hope they'll have diet soda.
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Re:I'm doomed 2010/11/02 18:16:27
Wapner Pop ???
Re:I'm doomed 2010/11/02 18:25:26
Uh oh, fifteen minutes to Judge Wapner
Ten minutes to Wapner. We're definitely locked in this box with no TV. 
One minute to Wapner
Sorry mar  Doesn't look like the kind of place that would attract people looking for a new Q.

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sk bob
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Re:I'm doomed 2010/11/04 21:16:34
I wouldn't worry Mar52, sounds like a fad du'jour.
the for rent signs should be back up inside 1 year.
 but then again it is California.
good for the neighborhood though in the short run.
Re:I'm doomed 2010/11/04 21:27:47
There's absolutely no way it can survive.  The cell phone shop that had been there for at least 6 years left because the rent was raised to about $8,000 a month.  That's a lot of soda pop and candy!
It sat empty for three years.
It's also why I sold my business after 15 years.  The landlords are ruthless on Ventura Bl!
It's a brand new business started by two guys.  They opened their own two stores and it seems quickly started selling franchises.  Sure hope this is a company shop and not a franchise.
mayor al
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Re:I'm doomed 2010/11/04 21:36:13
I agree with BOB, A short-lived specialty shop for the fad-following folks !!
No Sprechers in any flavor...No Red Rock Ginger.  Basic Cheerwine and only the colored versions of MOXIE.. no basic brown-stuff there.  Look for sugar Dr Pepper being their lead for teaser ads.