Pete's in Newburgh

John Fox
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2010/11/04 09:09:47
Pete's is reviewed here:   if you haven't seen the Roadfood homepage. I've been there a few times and it's a great place to grab a few dogs. As mentioned they serve a nice sized Boars Head all beef natural casing frank. It is 7 to a lb and served dirty water style. This dog is great prepared in water as it has a tight casing that keeps in the flavorful juices.
Most dirty water dogs are much smaller, ranging from 10 to 12 to a lb and cost more than what Pete's charges. Boars Head is also a change of pace from the much more common Sabrett. One time I was there I noticed a table of older men who were long time customers. I asked which dog they preferred, The Temple Hill dog or Boars Head. Boars Head was the unanimous choice. Pete's is one of my top three favorite places to get a dirty water dog along with Jerry's in Elizabeth, N.J. and Dee's in Roselle Park, N.J.
seafarer john
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Re:Pete's in Newburgh 2010/11/04 11:09:09
When in Newburgh Pete's is fine -if a bit uncomfortable, especially in poor weather when you have to stay inside - but the chili dog is worth a bit of discomfort, and any place that's been around for 75 years has to be worth patronizing.  
Personally, I prefer Annas, not far away on Broadway - a Greek lunchroom type place with comfortable seating, excellent service,  a really good chili dog (Texas hot wiener),
good coffee, standard sodas, and milk and chocolate milk, not to mention some very nice pastries. 
On the subject of Beacon, NY: I'm happy for Michael having found a really good hamburger at Poppy's in downtown Beacon ( that place was mentioned in a Poughkeepsie journal article recently which praised the hamburger with fried egg. That was enough to discourage me from going there. However, the next time I pass thru Beacon ( which has enjoyed quite a renaissance in the past few years - especially after Dia opened its enormous art gallery ) I'll have to give Poppy's a try. Downtown Beacon is loaded with little boutique type eateries and we've tried a few - with universal disappointment. The worst BBQ I've ever experienced was in Beacon at the P....B... - that place will be forever etched in my memory:  atrocious service, uncomfortable room, rickety chairs, inedible warmed-over BBQ, all at an advanced price - otherwise the joint is great...
Cheers, John 
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Re:Pete's in Newburgh 2010/11/04 16:47:08
I agree about the P.... B... 
The only way it could get better is to burn it down and hope that the pork gets enough smoke.
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Re:Pete's in Newburgh 2010/11/05 19:25:19
Hello all ,
I enjoy Petes for the occasional dog , its hit or miss for me . I posted some reviews in the past on this place also
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Pete's in Newburgh 2010/11/05 21:33:58
Gosh, I like Pete' of my three favorite hot dog emporiums in the whole wide world.
  Great dog, cooked perfectly, superb attention to detail and a caring, no-nonsense staff that knows their reputation rides not on past glory, but on every frank served. Plus, the cozy simplicity of the neat little oasis, in a world where it too often seems that quality and tradition have gone by the wayside, seems to say, "Hot Dog Spoken Here." Gosh, I like Pete's.
   The Bear 
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Re:Pete's in Newburgh 2011/01/30 15:53:52
Hello all ,
To update  , Petes  is doing fine these days , good service and dogs , the past few yrs they had been hit or miss for me but it looks like they are listening , I know for a fact they lurk on here (: