Austin Gypsy Trailer Fest failure

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2010/11/08 08:46:49
This weekend, there was a very large festival showcasing a large variety of the various trailers scattered around the city of Austin.  This was something that I was really looking forward to attending.  In preparation, I made sure the batteries in the camera were charged and I did not eat anything as I wanted to save space for all the choices I wanted to try, and as I said, there were many.
Arriving there, I joined a large crowd of festival going food fans. It was here that I had my biggest disappointment of the day.
My camera card was not initializing and I realized that my intentions for a trip report were shot. I was unable to take photos of all the great food being sold and that I wanted to eat. 
This is where the second problem occurred. This festival was so huge and too many people attended; there were lines of over 100 people for each trailer.
This was the problem, you would wait for over a half hour, get to the counter and wait at another window for another thirty minutes for your order to be ready.
 It became a problem with some people. It became a problem for the vendors too as they were running out of some menu items. One or two booths closed outright  by mid-day.
 As I did not eat anything prior to the fest, I was very hungry and it became a problem for me. After waiting for about 40 minutes for my Vietnamese pork belly taco, I realized I under-ordered and would have to wait for about the same amount of time for any trailer.  Sadly, the Korean taco at another truck went untested and untasted. Too bad.
I had to go across the river into downtown to get something to eat...
This is where I wish the camera was working as I stumbled into a doghouse art show. A lot of creativity went into them and I am sure that many here would like the doghouse designed as a hotdog in bun. 
Hit the following link to see all the trailers that were represented and their stories.
There is a lot of good advice they share.
Filet Mignon
Re:Austin Gypsy Trailer Fest failure 2010/11/10 17:25:22
Mark, I'm sorry you had such a debacle and a hungry stomach to boot.  It looks like such an awesome idea.  Maybe they need to plan for extreme turnout, huh?