KFC in Japan just tastes better

2010/11/10 01:41:15
We visited a KFC in Tokyo once, only because it was there and we had to wait our turn to ride the giant ferris wheel (world's largest).  I had their chicken pot pie, and it was so delicious I ordered a second one!  The crust was flaky and perfect, and the filling was piping hot and full of delicious gravy.  When we returned home, I thought I could get the same thing but got a dry, lukewarm, soggy version.  I tried three different times, and each time I got the same lousy result.  
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Re:KFC in Japan just tastes better 2010/12/12 06:18:22
I am an American in Mainland China. KFC is by far the number one fast food place in the country. Most cities in China have at least one outlet. I have had KFC in Urumqi, Xinjiang, which is in northwestern China.
I would say that less than half of the menu of items seen in the United States. What they got that Americans are used to seeing are the Original Crispy Chicken, Nuggets, and Popcorn chicken. No extra crispy chicken( this is what I order back home), pot pie or grilled chicken. Pot pie would not sell in China. Probably the grilled chicken is too much of an expensive for them to make a profit (although Chinese like bbq meat).
The only side dishes familar in the USA is mashed potatoes and corn. They do not have cole slaw, which is a mystery to me. Cole slaw is cabbage (a staple in East Asian diets), carrots (not uncommon and Chinese like vegetables) and mayonaisse (which is what is used on the sandwiches anyway, so no yuck factor there.). No beans, green beans, or potato wedges. They do sell generic french fries like McDonalds. Once I was told that the mashed potatoes were mostly sold to feed a baby and that adults don't eat it usually.
What's awful.................................
No buttermilk biscuits. Why, I don't know. Who would not like a hot one with butter, or with mayonaise and lettuce with a piece of chicken breast? The bread they have here is this generic, no flavor, hard roll thing. No "Famous Bowls" which are nasty anyway. Chinese as a rule do not like cheese, so no Macaroni and Cheese either.
The infamous "double down" is not here either. No parfaits, but they sell soft serve ice cream with chocolate or strawberry.
Chinese KFC's sell fish sandwiches, which are OK, but nothing great. Sometimes if I have the munchies, I'll get their fish sticks, but they are a bit expensive for what you get. I like their twister's, which is a tortilla wrap with chicken. The two choices are the Beijing or the Mexican. The Beijing has plum sauce, a cucumber stick, some leek onions and fried chicken, whike the Mexican one has mayonaisse, some kind of mild peppers, and chicken on it. Both are actually very good.
KFC also does breakfast, usually with egg/ham/cheese sandwiches on a hamburger bun and some delicious tater like sides. Not bad if I am out and about that early and pass one by. If you come to China and are out and about and are seeking a clean place to use the toilet or a clean place to rest, KFC is not a bad choice. Although I have lived in Asia for over 10 years, KFC has been a godsend at times. Usually fast food places in China are much cleaner than the ones in the USA because of the fact that there is a lot more help, and a majority of the staff there are happy with having a job, and KFC is a lot nicer than working in some local dive restaurant, or worse in a factory or unemployed.
There was a Popeyes fried chicken near my work when I was a teacher in South Korea, unfortunatly the food was usually awful, but since I loved fried chicken, I would go in the once a month on the faint hope that the food might be good. I'm a chicken guy so I am not disappointed, even when the food is.