Atlantic City area

2010/11/13 10:16:41
We were in the AC area for a week the end of October.  We always have to get a cheese steak sub from White House Sub Shop.  We also discovered the bakery across the street (they bake the WH subs).   I noticed that the bakery is a popular spot for the local police.  One night we found the Irish Pub at St. James and the Boardwalk-fish and chips were super-it is 75 yrs. old, dark paneled and very Irish feeling.  The food is reasonable and good-excellent beer choices.  Ginanna's Cafe was another hit-atmosphere more like a tearoom and is a short drive from the Boardwalk.  The casinos still have good choices and buffets offer lots of variety.  We always enjoy eats in AC!  The only places with better casino food is LV and Biloxi.  Tunica is the best for seafoods. 
Re:Atlantic City area 2010/12/14 15:30:56
Lucky to have money left after the casinos to afford a meal. I'm not a good gambler, so I eat first.