The Bizarro World's...

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2010/11/18 09:56:39
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:The Bizarro World's... 2010/11/18 12:13:45
I think the author of that article on the ChicagoNow blog did a masterful job of taking the mickey (no pun intended) out of those "secret menu" urban legends.
Sure, there are FF franchisees who will make for you anything you want. You can also "remanufacture" several items you buy in any FF restaurant at your table. But the FF industry seeks to prevent customization to prevent people from "gaming" them into providing something whose ingredients cost more that what they paid for the menu item.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:The Bizarro World's... 2010/11/21 21:08:03
Also, there are franchisees where even the management is so thick-headed that, in the words of former U.S. President Lyndon Johnson, they "couldn't pour piss out of a boot if the instructions are written on the heel." They stick to the rules so closely that, even when the rules make no sense, they insist that it is the rest of the world that is wrong (such as my oft-repeated story where a McDonald's manager insisted that, in a state where sales tax was 7 cents on the dollar,  tax on 90 cents was 14 cents, because "the register said so.").