Czerw's Kielbasi, Philadelphia PA

Holly Moore
2010/11/18 19:10:11
Czerw's Kielbasi, in Philadelphia's Port Richmond neighborhood has been smoking kielbasa for the last three generations and seventy plus years. You can smell the smoke as soon as you turn onto Tilton Street. Cherry and apple logs mostly - some peach too. Three blackened and seasoned smokers with heavy iron doors, each the size of a small room.

Along with three types of kielbasa they smoke pork butts, bacon, hot dogs and, during football season the occasional pork shoulder for pulled pork.

All sorts of other homemade Polish dishes too - stuffed cabbage, bijo or hunters stew with pork, cabbage and mushrooms, and all manner of pierogi - from basic onion and potato to loaded potato with cheddar and bacon and their newest, cheesesteak pierogi.
Last weekend I put it all together into a sandwich of grilled kielbasa, sauteed loaded pierogies, caramelized onions and stone ground mustard.  Going to add some sliced, sauteed apple next time.

Filet Mignon
Re:Czerw's Kielbasi, Philadelphia PA 2010/11/18 19:59:39
Holly, looks like a fun, authentic place. Your showing all the foods I grew up with and miss. Two of my favorite sausage is Kielbasa and Italian, don't even get me going on the Pierogi...............Thanks ...........Bill
Filet Mignon
Re:Czerw's Kielbasi, Philadelphia PA 2010/11/18 22:03:29
Holly Moore, I just love the smell of fruit wood in the morning.  Great find.  Thanks for the info.
Great looking sandwich also.  
Junior Burger
Re:Czerw's Kielbasi, Philadelphia PA 2011/02/08 19:26:38
Czerw's  pierogies are great and the kielbasi is excellent (I actually prefer Lachowicz' in Bridesburg), but the best product they make are their Polish hotdogs. I broil them in the toaster oven until they get all split and greasy and then put them on an Amoroso type Italian roll with some raw onions and spicy mustard. 
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Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
Re:Czerw's Kielbasi, Philadelphia PA 2011/02/08 21:29:02
Got a pronouncer for that place?
Junior Burger
Re:Czerw's Kielbasi, Philadelphia PA 2011/02/08 22:11:14
Michael Hoffman

Got a pronouncer for that place?

Re:Czerw's Kielbasi, Philadelphia PA 2011/03/03 21:25:15
Thanks you all... Started talking Polish food here.. lol   One thing I miss about my old hometown in Michigan was the heavy Polish population... Talk about good eats on the West Side of Grand Rapids!
Re:Czerw's Kielbasi, Philadelphia PA 2011/03/04 16:09:07
I'd call ahead and reserve pizza dough at Tacconelli's if I was going to visit Port Richmond as well.