Doc Watson and Football in Raleigh, NC

2010/11/26 10:31:51
I went to visit some friends in Raleigh, NC a few weeks ago so we could see Doc Watson play with David Holt on Friday night, then go to the Virginia Tech/UNC game on Saturday. After all the traveling I have done for work, this was a great fall weekend. I love the Triangle, there is just so music, food, and beer in that area. Anyway we started off at the Busy Bee in Raleigh:

I got a chicken pot pie, which had some French way of cooking onions and carrots together. It was definitely a rich sauce on the inside of the pie, if not a little salty.

Should have stuck with a burger though, which you could get a side of mac n cheese with. Anyone out there ever put cinnamon sugar on their mac n cheese, or was it only my family? Every one down here has never heard of it. Sorry, back to the burger; it had a slice of fried green tomato on it. My friends swear it was awesome, wish I had gotten one instead. The pot pie just wasn't enough by itself.

After that it was off to see Doc Watson, sorry they said no photography. Some people in there had cameras, but its hard to sneak mine in with warm weather. The show was great though, still hittin' it at 87 years old!
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The next day we tailgated over in Chapel Hill. I had never been to this stadium, so I was pretty excited to go to a game. I guess UNC fans are more excited about basketball than football, since they started leaving the stadium in the third quarter. Of course my boys kept intercepting them, so I can understand.

Some of the UNC fans we were with took us down to Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. Really nice wide street with lots of restaurants/bars on it. I liked it. They took us down to a Mediterranean place (Mediterranean Deli and Catering). Initially I was not excited about this choice, since I wanted pizza after a football game, but this place was fantastic. Especially all those cute little coeds, all dressed exactly alike. Whats up with tall boots this year????


I just went with the standard gyro, cuz that's what I wanted. But you can see from the deli about that they had a lot of side choices already prepared as well. I went with a cheese pie, well, because I like cheese. The gyro was great, everything tasted fresh and sharp. The cheese pie had feta cheese, which I am not fond of. I need to think those things through a little more.

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Finally on Sunday we had lunch in Raleigh, near the NC State campus. We ate at Davids Noodle Bar:

Really it is called Davids Dumpling and Noodle bar, as you can see by the dumplings below. I really liked the dumplings, but I was also really hungry. I am not an expert on this food, so I can't give you any real opinion. But we at them all. The spring rolls were ok, but I have never liked spring rolls a whole lot.

For my entree I asked for the pork noodle soup. That hot sauce was eventually dumped in the soup, and would be a great cold remedy come winter time. It cleared me up pretty quick. This was a good meal, I enjoyed the atmosphere, company, and food. So if you are in the mood for any of these plates, I think people would enjoy it.

Finally, we went next door to the LocoPops shop to get some dessert. This is what I miss about cities with downtown's, notice I said we WALKED next door. This place was cool, they seem to cater to kids a lot. They have drawings made by kids all over the walls, and they had kid sizes only for some of the pops.
So we picked out the Mexican chocolate, strawberries n cream, and mudpie pops. The consensus was the Mexican chocolate was the best, I think it had nutmeg and other stuff in it. I wanted another, but decided not to be a pig that day.

It was a great weekend overall, I really enjoyed the trip, and all the food we ate. Too bad it takes longer to work off than put on.
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Re:Doc Watson and Football in Raleigh, NC 2010/11/26 12:16:01
Thanks for sharing your trip-we go to Raleigh every few years to visit family-will keep your suggestions on the must eat list! Thanks!
acoustic blues
Re:Doc Watson and Football in Raleigh, NC 2010/11/26 14:30:53
Good looking grub there.
Glad you enjoyed Doc. He is still amazing for his age. His picking style is what inspired to me to get serious playing guitar almost 40 years ago.
Filet Mignon
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So DirtDude, there's a lot in here that you seem somewhat nonplussed about.   Did you order like your companions ordered or you were unfamiliar so you just grabbed what sounded good?  I'm asking because I sometimes have problems with this too.
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Yeah, looks like it came off more negative than I meant to be, I liked all of the restaurants.
I had not been to any of these places before and ordered what I thought I wanted. The problem with the chicken pot pie was that it was kind of small, especially for the price (>$10). But they put effort into it, and its a great lunch item on a cold day. And man, I just don't like feta cheese, but I should have known it would be in the cheese pie from a Mediterranean deli. But look at the pie, it looks like one of those fried apple pies from the gas stations in the Appalachians, so my eye/brain combination said "buy it now".
Overall, I would say any of these places are great if you are in Raleigh, but you don't have to go out of your way to try them.