Greenville,SC to Nashville on I-40

Big George
Junior Burger
2003/04/07 12:03:57
Anyone recommend a good roadfood meal between Greenville SC and Nashville,TN ?
RE: Greenville,SC to Nashville on I-40 2003/04/08 20:10:52
TRy the Captains Table exit 317 in TN . Good seafood
Ort. Carlton.
Filet Mignon
RE: Greenville,SC to Nashville on I-40 2003/04/11 20:44:56
Slightly off I-40 and a lap up I-81 you will find an exit for Morristown. Take U. S. 25 (forget whether it's 25E or 25W) into town, hang a left at U. S. 11 (again, 11E or 11W?) to downtown, then turn south on Cumberland Street. Cross Main Street and immediately on your left is The Little Dutch, a real Roadfood place. I think they're at 126 S. Cumberland, which is Old U. S. 25. You can return to I-81 by continuing south on Cumberland out of town; it connects back into new U. S. 25. Check out the Skywalks in downtown Morristown while you're there.
I've never tried any of the several other non-chain places there, but will report back when I am able to do so.
Humbly Submitted, Ort. Carlton in Athens, Georgia.