Chili Dog recipe

Junior Burger
2010/11/28 21:11:13
My wife and kids were in the mood for chili dogs the other day.   I remember seeing on a previous post or two a recipe for a chili sauce from NJ I think.  Does anybody know of one or can tell me where to find one.  I've tried on or two from a can and they are just not that good.  We've also tried just using chili that we made at home but it's too thick and chunky.
Filet Mignon
Re:Chili Dog recipe 2010/11/29 12:12:53
You probably should look in the Recipes and Cooking Techniques section for a recipe.
Junior Burger
Re:Chili Dog recipe 2011/01/06 01:31:50
Hi Jrs155,
         Use ground beef and  minced onions the following seasoning:
vege broth or chicken broth (use bullion and mix with water if you want to make it easy)
tomato sauce
tomato paste
chili powder
garlic powder
all spice
brown sugar
Worcestershire sauce 

The trick is to cut down your ground beef into small cubes, mix all the seasoning and minced onions together into the broth, then put together the gnd beef into the pot BEFORE you turn on the heat. Use a potato masher once you turn on the stove and mash down the ground beef with the seasoning and the broth. That way, you are not browning the meat before putting the broth in because that's a sure way to get chili meat balls instead of chili sauce. Use a meat theormeter to make sure everything is cooked to 180 which is a safe temp. Rendered the fat and you will have a great coney sauce/chili sauce for the dogs. Experienment with the portion of how much each seasoning/broth to use. Hope this helps, and happy chili cheese dog to your family.
SuperDog at Portland Oregon
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