A sign of quality?

Filet Mignon
2010/12/07 06:40:08
Barts is a small ice cream company based in western Massachusetts. They franchise a few scoop shops, so I have posted this new thread here rather than "ice cream" to meet the "no chains" rule.
I have been to only the Amherst location, which is, IMO an equil to the justly famous Herrill's in nearby Northampton. (both are mentioned in various places on this site)
Bart's uses the biggest, best tasting, marachino cherry that I have ever had on a sundae. I generally don't even eat the dinky, red, stemless, lump served at most places, but Barts is different.
I wonder how input costs at a Barts compare to those at the typical chain. I'd be willing to bet that a shop pays more for everything from the ice cream to the sauce, to the cherry. They may save a little on the cream, as they make it themselves, but I expect that the savings are eaten up by extra labor..
At around $6 for a "large" (medium) sundae, Barts is not cheap, but they are not out of line with the competition considering the quality.