Daylight Donuts

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2010/12/14 17:46:12
Excuse the "late-to-the-game" thread here (and yes, following my
recent and also late-to-the-game thread about another albeit regional
chain [" />] [of North Carolina burger and shake spots -- Cook-Out]) but as
this particular Tulsa-based Ponzi-licious scheme of doughnut outlets has
received only nominal shout-outs to-date on this site, I'll pose the question:
What do you think of Daylight Donuts?
Their Richmond, Virginia location (West End at 10260 West Broad) is
only single digit months old and I hit it for the first time this morning. Chain
or no chain, these were VERY good, preservative-free, yeasty and glazed
orbs of heaven. I was truly impressed and bought a dozen for home.
Without question, I will return!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Daylight Donuts 2010/12/14 21:28:20
Before we moved back to Florida I enjoyed the Daylight donut place in Johnson City, Tn. They also opened one in Bristol, Tn I think. They were both off the beaten path for me so I didn't get by very often. I remember looking at their franchise site when I was vaguely thinking about opening one. Literally a donut shop in a box concept.
Re:Daylight Donuts 2010/12/21 21:10:29
I prefer a mom & pop place in my area for donuts, but of the chain donut shops in the area, Daylight Donuts does the best job of any of them, and they are my #2 favorite place for donuts.
Re:Daylight Donuts 2010/12/22 11:44:30
What makes those donuts different from other cake donuts?
I know I'd like them, just wondering what sets them apart from others.
Re:Daylight Donuts 2010/12/29 21:28:41
It's not the cake variety that I like.  It's their raised donuts.  They have cinnamon bear-claw type donut that is just awesome!  Their glazed donuts are pretty good, too.
Re:Daylight Donuts 2011/03/07 14:32:33
I like their peanut donuts and their custard ones.  Pretty good.  I prefer mom and pop places but very few of those in Richmond and none that I know of convenient to the far west end or Goochland.
For example I love Country Style but that is out near the airport, 45 mins from my house or more.