Queen City Diner, Plainfield NJ

Junior Burger
2010/12/16 18:21:21
This strip mall diner (1326 South Ave, Plainfield, NJ 07062 (908) 756-7900) lured us in with its sign "Voted Best Breakfast in Northern NJ".  We tried it and were charmed by its eccentricity and good food.
The menu is extensive and creative- we love the funky names for the various omelets.  They also have grits on the menu every so often, unusual for a NJ diner.
Be warned- breakfast is a leisurely affair- don't assume you will pop in and out.  
We have not tried any other meal there yet, but it is now on our roster of breakfast places.
Re:Queen City Diner, Plainfield NJ 2010/12/16 18:55:39
SarahDV, Thanks for the info.  I work in that area often and will give it a try. 
Junior Burger
Re:Queen City Diner, Plainfield NJ 2011/01/04 09:05:35
EEEEK!!!  We tried to go back for breakfast over the holidays and the restaurant is GONE!
The banner about best breakfast in NJ is still above the door, but the place has been stripped.
We were really upset.