Holiday Apple Cider

Filet Mignon
2010/12/20 17:29:12
I asked on the "recipe" section for some ideas for non-alcoholic holiday beverages, and got some good ideas, esp. for mulled cider. In the process, I designed my own, basically apple cider + ginger ale + spices (cinnamon/cloves) and fresh fruits (on hand, apples, pears, lemon slices, cranberries, etc.). I heated it for a few hours in a crock pot  + Yum!
I also added a jigger of rum for those guest who wanted that. Double Yum!
Well, today there was some leftovers, now cold (but mulled/no rum) so I just poured more ginger ale (diet) in it. OMG, the best. It tastes great cold, too!
So I wonder what others have discovered in this cider area??
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Holiday Apple Cider 2010/12/22 12:15:06
Not cider, but a nice beverage for fruity-drink lovers Punch-Bowl.
1/2 gallon Orange juice
1 Large freezer bag of last summers Peaches...blended til a thick juice
I can of Mandarin oranges
1 can of Crushed pineaple (blended to lumpy juice)
1 750 ml bottle of Peach Schnapps (if Alcohol is desired)
I liter of bitter lemon soda / Quinine water gently stirred in after mixing the initial ingredients.
If you want more 'kick' add as much vodka to the individual drink as the guest may request.
If you want it sweeter, use Peach Soda in place of the Bitter lemon soda.
Some folks add Orange sherbet to the punch bowl...but that is usually during the summer drink season.
 I still like a steaming mug of Dr. Pepper with a slice of lemon in it for a warmer-upper!!