My favorite foods/ beverages of 2010 and where you can find them!

Junior Burger
2010/12/23 01:03:25
Hi fellow roadfooders, my girlfriend and I do a weekly webcomic based around fortune cookies called 'Carve Your Name Comics.'  As part of a special year-end review, I posted a list of my favorite foods and beverages with brief narratives of where I ate the foods.  We live in Columbia, SC, so a lot of the food on the list is good Southern fare. Check out the list (with pictures) at my webcomic site, and please also look around at the comics and check back for new posts every Tuesday!  
PS: My link was removed, but if you care to see it, just type 'carve your name comics' into google!

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Re:My favorite foods/ beverages of 2010 and where you can find them! 2010/12/23 11:21:49
I checked out your blogsite.  I can see why your link was removed from here, as in general it's not food related but is commercial.  I liked your Terrapin stout and SN Estate ale picks.  Your food selections sound interesting if I'm every up in Columiba area.  Will agree that Belly General store has a good breakfast--Pura Vida down the street has excellent tapas, too. Not sure if these are roadfoodie places.  But thanks for sharing on an area of the country few of us get to learn about.