The Worst Pizza I've ever eaten

That Kid From Berwyn
Junior Burger
2010/12/24 16:47:27
As for carry out or delivery pizza... The worst is certainly Domino's, followed closely by Papa John's.. They are the definition of "fake pizza."  They really cannot stand up to the quality and taste of Chicago style or even New York style pizza...Both Domino's and Papa John's are flavorless pies.. Dough that is very similar to the packaging both pizzas are delivered in…  A tasteless sauce… And what is that stuff they call sausage?  They are fine pizzas if you’re  are stuck in the middle of Indiana, but compared to the really stuff they are both pretty bad…  Another good example of truly “fake pizza” is Pizza Hut…  Fine for the vast wheat belt of Kansas, but not for the true “pizza connoisseur...  
Re:The Worst Pizza I've ever eaten 2010/12/24 18:32:02
The tri-state area (New Jersey, New York, CT) is the place to get the best pizza. I have had good pies in California.
We were on a work trip in Huntsville Alabama a couple of years ago and they recommended Pizza Hut when we asked about a good pizza place. Florida had a couple of decent places and Nebraska had a couple decent ones.
Never been to Chicago and had the style, but really, the best pizza in the US you will find in the tri-state area. I lived in NJ, I go to New York often and live in CT.
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Re:The Worst Pizza I've ever eaten 2010/12/25 13:30:16
Welcome aboard "kid" bad pizza is a recurring theme around here.  I'm certain that the number of places west of the Hudson that can compare to the tri-state area is so limited that the logical mind can't even conceive the infinitesimally low figure.