Blue Cheese Cheesecake.... and Cafe Rustica.

Junior Burger
2010/12/25 20:48:11
Hi all,
Back in October I had dinner at The Cafe Rustica in Richmond, Va ... it was absolutely fantastic!!
For dessert I tried their "blue cheese cheesecake with a sage and graham cracker crust "....... This item wasn't listed on their menu and when the waitress suggested it I was intrigued... something that sounded this odd should be sampled.. Well needless to say it was very, very tasty...!
Anyhow, my question is about the recipe.... has anybody tried this..? I was kind of hoping that they would have an e-mail so I could ask for it ( hoping they would send me a copy ) but no e-mail address.. Does anybody have a recipe for anything like this? or even better... THE RECIPE.....!
Any help from all of you foodies out there would be greatly appreciated.....

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Re:Blue Cheese Cheesecake.... and Cafe Rustica. 2010/12/25 20:57:46
I Googled Gorganzola cheesecake.
I haven't tried such a cheesecase, but it sounds like something of which I'd like to try a tiny bite.